The Winner’s Circle II: How Ten Stockbrokers Became the Best in the Business

Joseph Safina was featured in The Winner’s Circle II | By R.J. Shook

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From the Publisher

A best-seller in its category, The Winner’s Circle II tells you how the crème de la crème of the securities world got where they are–in a first-time-ever inside look at how they work and play. You’ll enjoy intimate portraits of these and other talented, remarkable individuals.

Alan “Ace” Greenberg of Bear Stearns–reputed to be the best trader in the business, whose clientele includes Donald Trump and the biggest corporate raiders in the country…

Harold Rubin of Prudential Securities–who has never cold-called, asked for a referral, or implemented a single prospecting technique taught in a sales training course, yet today manages over $1 billion in client assets…

Martin D. Shafiroff of Lehman Brothers–as the nation’s top-producing stockbroker for more than a decade has become legendary…

…not to mention unforgettable war stories, potent selling strategies, and unbeatable investment know-how–all from ten top-producers in the financial industry.

About the Author

R.J. Shook, President of Publishing, is well known in the financial community from his popular Winner’s Circle & Winner’s Circle II books, and his extensive experience at a major Wall Street securities firm–Financial Advisor, Investment Banking, Research, developing Web initiatives and technology.

Shook, a graduate of Babson College, is a full-time author, currently residing in New York City. His current books include: The Wall Street Dictionary (1990, New York Institute of Finance), The Winner’s Circle: How Ten Stockbrokers became the best in the business (1992, New York Institute of Finance), The Winner’s Circle II: How Ten Stockbrokers became the best in the business (1995, New York Institute of Finance), and The New Wall Street Dictionary (1999, Career Press), now available at Amazon.

Shook’s father, and oftentimes writing partner, is best-selling author Robert L. Shook, author of nearly 50 book titles and published in over 20 languages. A search on will reveal around 60 “Shook books,” which will include titles by the duo mentioned above, as well as books authored by R.J.’s sister and brother.